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Mikhail Bulgakov completed his novel The Master and Margarita just before his death in 1940, but it remained officially unpublished until 1966, whereupon it achieved the status of an underground masterpiece. What seems a fanciful premise was perhaps less so for a persecuted writer in the Soviet Union under Stalin. They bring order to the randomness and chaos of personal experience. What Bulgakov's novel suggests is that when order is imposed externally—such as the extreme measures employed by Woland to emphasize human powerlessness or by Stalin to maintain political power—the personal experience of those upon whom order is imposed becomes so detached from reality that the feeling of randomness and chaos is heightened, not reduced.

The results elicit terror, laughter, sadness, and wonder.

Fiodor Bondarciuk este și producătorul filmul din 2006 Heat, în care a jucat rolul persoanei sale proprii împreună cu mama sa Irina Skobțeva.