Cousin dating is not okay

28-Sep-2017 08:29

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If people that are your friends with are okay with you dating your sixth cousin, there is only a few explanations that I can come up with to rationalize such absurdity.Either they too are backwards ass country folk that have never left their one horse town or secondly, they don't care enough about you to tell you that you are totally gross for dating your cousin. I'm sure in some areas of the world it is common to date within a family tribe, I get that.I started last week, I actually think I missed a few days so, anyhow, I've decided, though we're worlds apart, my one good deed is going out to my new found -cousin lovin' weirdo. You know how when you get in your car and there are millions of people around you and the earth is gigantic and something like 10,000 babies are born every minute (that's an exageration but you get the point) there are plenty of fish in the sea.You said in your writing that you asked your doctor if it was 'medically okay' to date your cousin. No, it's not medically okay to date your sixth, seventh or even eighth cousin. No, matter what number you place in front of that label, the guy is still your freaking cousin! Okay, so maybe your chances to have children medically in check are all lined up but, did you really want to enter your highschool reunion and have to answer the question, "Oh where di dyou two meet? To once again, throw Abby right under the bus, yup, here it comes, vroom vroom, if people loved you, they would tell you that your f'd in the head and you need to not make out with..cousin!Perhaps it's worth adding that the United States is the only nation in the world with legal restrictions against first cousin unions.In most cases, the state laws in question were originally based upon data indicating a high incidence of birth defects in children of first cousins or closer relatives. It's true that more recent studies have demonstrated that this risk is not as high as previously thought.Is it appropriate for cousins or other relatives to marry?My first cousin and I lived on opposite sides of the country during childhood and never met until we were in our late teens.

Before I read Abby's response, I am convinced that it will defianly tell the reader that she should abort ship and not date a cousin of any number. Dear Abby, oh my dear, dear Abby, unwittingly procures her response right there in bold black letters, new times roman font no less, and I should probably quote her so you get the full effect. People who love you should be happy for both of you." [February 8th 2008 St. Perhaps the Dunkin Donuts coffee Abby drank this morning was mixed with a little incestuous creamer.Approximately half of the states permit first cousin marriage either without restrictions or under certain specified circumstances; in all others it is against the law.

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