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01-Jan-2018 11:00

The ship will be built entirely in Rauma and will have a positive impact on employment totaling around 1,000 person-years.

During next spring, there will be approximately 300 employees working on the ship’s equipment outfitting.

Rauma Marine Constructions is a shipbuilding company founded in 2014.

We specialise in the construction and maintenance of multi-purpose icebreakers, car and passenger ferries, and vessels for use by the armed forces.

We are the only domestically owned shipbuilding company in our size range.

We carry out each order in co-operation with our skilled partner network.

Timo Suistio, CEO, BMH Technology, has been appointed to the new COO position.

In addition to Heinimaa, RMC has also elected a new COO, chairman of the board and member of the board.

Organizational changes are a part of the company’s new growth phase, with ambitions that include the deal for the Squadron 2020-project, business growth, the strengthening of RMC’s unique know-how, as well as continued development of the network-based business model.

The ship will mostly operate in Denmark and has been designed for use mainly on the Køge (Sjælland) – Rønne (Bornholm) route.

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However, during summer, it will also operate between Rønne and Sassnitz, Germany.Modernization of Aranda progressing as planned In addition to the launch of the car and passenger ferry for Molslinjen, the Finnish Environment Institute’s (SYKE) marine research vessel ‘Aranda’ was also launched at the Rauma shipyard.