Dating website boston dogs dating mathematicians

13-Sep-2017 01:41

It doesn't really matter what the person looks like.

I do look at her picture first, but then I scroll down and make sure she's got a decent dog."When he signed up last year, he submitted photos and profiles of both himself and his dog.

Though many of the animal lovers who go online are cat and dog lovers, there are all sorts of exotic pet owners also looking for a soulmate. " asked one man, who then got a flurry of reponses.

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He says he wants to take me camping, but we'll see. Every weekend we go to the dog park or swimming."Bristol is a year-old female golden retriever. Membership is free; Cohen makes money from the ads he sells on the site.''It's a lot of fun, and people wind up sharing a lot more information when they're talking about themselves in the third person," Cohen says.

She's pretty, or at least that's what she tells me to tell her at least once a day! He also discovered that there were 40 million single pet owners in the country. The website features photos of the humans, plus their pets, and ''interviews" with both.

But let's ask his soul mate, Bristol, how she would describe him:''He's very affectionate, and he likes to cuddle. Here's how her 3-year-old mastiff mix, Lucy, describes her: ''She's very outgoing, funny, kind. Soon, he says, you'll also be able to search by pet: ''Show me women who have cats in the Boston area," or ''Show me guys with black labs anywhere in the country." Fruzzetti would love that.

Under ''What are the coolest or funniest things about your pet?

" he wrote: ''Bristol likes to sleep on her back curled almost in a circle."In short time, he met someone with a yellow lab.

''It's important we have the same obsession," she says.

Since she doesn't have a yard, Feinberg, 33, walks Lucy for two hours every day after work.Find a hot Asian date today with free registration!