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This instrument used no pirouette, and had eight finger holes in addition to what appear to be two tuning holes. 1660-1670) the oboe emerged as the jointed, more cylindrical, keyed instrument which formed the nucleus of the woodwind section for the second half of the seventeenth earliest evidence of the bassoon is found in the middle of the 16th century in Italy and Germany.

Undoubtedly formed to create a bass voice for the oboe or shawm, the early bassoon was made of one piece of wood with two bored out passages connected at one end.

o composer represents the transition from the Renaissance to the Baroque better than Claudio Monteverdi does.

A survey of his madrigals shows a most abrupt transition from polyphony to homophony, and his opera Orfeo, first performed in 1607, stands as the first masterpiece of the early Baroque.

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The oboe was held in high esteem and the trumpet reached a level of virtuosity not previously heard.The player's mouth would press against the crescent -shaped rim of the pirouette so as to create an airtight wind chamber.The subsequent blowing into the pirouette created a most raucous sound since the reed vibrated without the aid of any lip pressure against the side of the in the 17th century Mersenne in his Harmonie Universelle described two types of shawms--the Hautbois de Poitou which corresponds to the shawm described above, and the treble hautbois which appears to be a precursor to the modern oboe.he oboe is the ultimate refinement of the medieval shawm.

As mentioned in the last chapter, the shawm was a raucous-sounding instrument that was usually made of one piece of wood, conical in shape, with a trumpet-like bell at the lower end.So it is ironic that during the Baroque period, when the trumpet and horn enjoyed increasing favor, the trombone, despite its flexibility, endured a period of limited use.

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