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A useful checklist of instances when drivers can contest speeding tickets and fines can be found here . ▲ Above and main image: Lot 155 currently on offer at Bonhams' Quail Lodge Sale to be held on 16th August 2013 at Carmel, California, USA. The estimate is65,000 - 81,000 (US0,000 - 5,000). Cheffins Cambridge July results Three "rare" Triumph TSXs on sale Film company seeks Enfield riders David Dixon: 1933-2013Rare Triumph 6-1 on e Bay: 16,000Swinton fined for swindling York council's 20mph slap in the face French TV channel will be filming at the Ace Lesney's Matchbox 60th anniversary Free tickets to the South of England Super Bike Show and Bike Jumble"...Electronic variable speed limit signs are used on motorways and other major roads and are typically changed in response to factors such as traffic levels, weather conditions, or what time of day it is.When it comes to the law, signs with the speed shown in a red circle are compulsory and must be adhered to.The motorcycle insurance broker said the biggest money maker was located just south of Grantham on the A1 in Lincolnshire, tallying up a massive 6,064 fines in total.But there's new reason to be cautious of this spot in particular...New Sump BEEZA GEEZA T-shirt Rare 110-year old 1902 Rambler Daytime "classic" LED running light MBH goes into administration VMCC Christmas Laverda raffle"Old Bill" Brough auction record Grindlay-Peerless hits 67,580French breathalyser kit fines delayed Ken Heanes: 1934-2012Keanu Reeves launches bike firm New Norton Commando Roadster side panels The Right On Andrew Mitchell, MPBarn find Brough & "Black Bess"H&H's "no reserve" Brough to sell Classic TT festival plans revealed Offensive T-shirt man is jailed Jimmy won't fix this New wheel clamping regulations,and more...2011 Drink-driving deaths spike Time to arm the British police?Triumph's Jubilee Bonnie donation Green light for cyclists? Again."Drugalysers" in use by 2013Ted Simon's new book Sat Nav death verdict: "accidental"Hyde Bonneville America pegs Raleigh Chopper designer dies Rare Triumph TSX on e Bay Robin Gibb: 1949-2012MOT scrapped for pre-1960s vehicles Rare Crossley SD42 bus restored Carroll Shelby: 1923-2012Funky Made in Britain sidecars get MP approval Honda dealers are revolting...

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A case in point is what occurred on the M6 and M42 a few years ago when Warwickshire Police suspended prosecutions because they felt the size and shape of the signage was incorrect. Designed by prolific US sculptor and historian, Jeff Decker, the bike is a highly modified 1952 998cc Vincent Rapide Series C "Black Lightning" Special. and do you take this poof to be your lawfully wedded husband?

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