The vampire diaries 6x2 online dating

31-Jul-2017 18:14

Caroline and Stefan are just coming to terms with what has just happen when Kai uses his magic to snap their necks before he goes after Jo.Kai's family converge on him, chanting a Gemini spell to send him back to a prison world.While this is going on, at the hospital, Damon gets a text : "Ty werewolf, Kai vampire".Then Kai shows up with the werewolf bite in his neck.Finally, after a devastating chain of events, Damon is forced to make the most difficult decision of his life. Elena finds Damon lying in the road where they first met.She gets up and start to question Damon and claims that she knows something bad has happened.

Matt comes back to the Salvatore house, where Bonnie has found a recorded message from Kai in which he explains the new "inspired" ways he's going to make her suffer.Back at the wedding, Kai comes back to life and yanks the glass out of his neck.He walks over to his dying father and licks his blood to complete his transition into a Hybrid.Stefan gets fed up with Lily searching for her friends, whom she insists on calling 'her family'.

He says if she doesn't come with him, she's out of his life.

Jump to the chaos following Kai's violent interruption of Jo and Alaric's wedding. Alaric cradles Jo's dead body in his arms lamenting that this can't be happening.